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Top reasons why you have to try wakeboarding

    Here at Livit Adventures we love to hit the water whenever we can and wakeboarding is one of our favourites. We are extremely lucky to have the North Devon Wake Park right on our doorstep with courses perfect for all abilities!

    If you’re looking to try wakeboarding or you’re a pro our activity camps are perfect for wakeboarders new and old!

    For now here are our top reasons why wakeboarding is good for your health:

    Builds strength


    Because of the poses and strength required during wakeboarding this sport is fantastic for building the muscles in your arms and legs. So if you’re hoping to bust some of those bingo wings wakeboarding is the perfect option.

    It’s good for the brain

    Wakeboarding requires quick reaction times and a need to be versatile. The sport is a great way to build up your reactions as your brain needs to think quickly!

    Get better at swimming

    You will definitely spend a lot of time in the water when wakeboarding, it’s part of the fun! So wakeboarding is a great way to also build up your swimming skills.

    Feel mentally refreshed


    Being in the water is great for your mind. The combination of water and your adrenaline from this fast paced sport will leave your mind refreshed and with a higher level of concentration.

    Great exercise

    It’s more than obvious that wakeboarding is great for your body generally and the more you do the better it is!

    It improves your flexibility

    With the jumps, turns and mobility you need in your hands and feet wakeboarding is a great way to improve your flexibility.

    Improves your balance

    You need great balance to become a pro at wakeboarding, so to help develop your stability and balance it’ll need some practice!

    It’s great fun!

    We can highly attest to this one!!

    Make new friends

    Whether on one of our camps or just by being on the water you can make plenty of new friends with this fantastic sport.

    Why not come and try out our wakeboarding camps with Livit Adventures. Get in touch today for more information.