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10 reasons why you have to try yoga

    If you haven’t tried yoga before, why not? It’s got so many health benefits and can be quite a relaxing way to do some exercise. Here’s ten reasons why you have to try yoga now!

    It increases your posture


    If you work at a desk then yoga can be a fantastic way of maintaining a good posture and keeping you more aligned. This will help reduce pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

    It builds muscle

    It may seem like it’s all about stretching but actually yoga takes a lot of core body strength. From doing the plank to the complete downward dog you will build up a lot of different muscles.

    It increases your flexibility


    With frequent yoga sessions you can increase your muscle flexibility. You will soon notice the difference after just a few sessions.

    It can help you sleep

    The practice of yoga will help you to get a better night of slumber. The practice of yoga before bedtime can help put you in a better space of relaxation to drop right off.

    It helps with concentration

    Yoga is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. You will find that observing your body and mind through the practice of yoga helps clear your mind and helps you concentrate better in everyday life.

    It can reduce stress

    As with the above it can help you focus on the matter at hand which can help to reduce your stress levels. It also helps you take the practice to the real world where you can reflect during the day so you don’t get overwhelmed.

    It helps you lose weight


    It may not be a heavy cardio session but yoga can help you shed those calories. You’ll leave a session with a real sense of a workout but without the sweaty mess!

    It helps you to learn to breathe correctly

    You may not know it but you may not be using your full lung capacity! Taking yoga can teach you to focus on your breathing and find out about using every part of your lung.

    It can help to lower blood sugar

    If you have a high blood sugar or cholesterol you should definitely consider yoga. Along with weight loss this low impact exercise is great for correcting body imbalances.

    It will lead to a happier mindset

    As well as boosting your confidence, you can also gain a happier mindset through the practice of yoga.

    If you want to try yoga why not consider one of our activity camps with a dedicated weekend of yoga for all abilities – whether you are an expert at downward dog or can’t ever envisage being able to touch your toes we are here to help!