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10 reasons why you have to try surfing

    If you’ve never tried surfing before then here’s a few reasons why you should definitely try it now!

    It’s great exercise!

    We don’t think there’s any way to get around this. Surfing is fantastic exercise as it uses so many different muscles from your arms and hands to your legs, bum and back! So much body toning will go on when you hit the water.

    It’s fun!

    OK, you won’t believe us until you try it but you are sure to have fun when surfing. If you come on one of our surf activities we can guarantee a great time – we always have great people with us and no matter your ability you will have fun trying!

    You can tie surfing into a holiday

    Devon makes a great spot to learn to surf – so if you don’t live near the coast why not take the chance for a week away!

    Surfing can increase your confidence


    When you learn to surf you feel a great sense of achievement which can help build your confidence both on the water but in your personal life too!

    Improve your mental health

    Being on the water has proved to be a great way to improve your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health. Especially when you take part in one of our groups!

    Make new friends

    Surfing offers the chance to join a new community and the chance to find new friends. Our adventure camps are a fantastic chance to do this too!

    Surfing is low impact

    Surfing is a great sport for those with body ailments. The low impact stress on your body is so much better for you than something like running.

    New found respect for nature

    As surfing is a sport known for its connection with nature you will find it hard to not have a new found love of the great outdoors. You’ll need to learn more about the ocean and the dangers and beauty it holds and that will help you understand more about the wonders of our planet.

    A great chance to travel


    When you truly take up surfing you will want to try a range of different waves – which is a great excuse to travel the UK and beyond!

     Alone time

    As well as being a sport where you can make new friends it’s also a sport where you can get a real sense of solitude out on the water. Even with lots of others around you, you can still get a minute’s peace.