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10 reasons why you have to try paddleboarding

    There are so many reasons why paddleboarding is so good for you and why it’s becoming a fantastically popular sport. Here’s just our top ten reasons why you should try stand up paddleboarding!

    Improve your balance

    When you take up paddleboarding you will see your balance improving as you need to work on your core balance on the board itself. It’s definitely a sport that needs a lot of balance training unless you want to get wet!

    Improve your fitness

    As well as your balancing act taking up this sport will have a real impact on your overall fitness. The muscles needed to paddle, stand and keep balance working together will help improve your strength throughout your body.

    Standing is good for your health

    There is research that as a society we already sit too much and that standing is much better for our health – so take up a hobby that adds to your health!

    The view is better

    If you compare your view on a paddleboard to the view when you’re kayaking or similar it’s much better as you can see further down river.

    It doesn’t matter where you live

    Paddleboarding is a great sport for any location as you don’t need a good swell with the sea, all you need is a bit of water…so whether a lake, river or the sea there’s lots of options! Our activities in North Devon are in some of the most beautiful locations in the country!

    It’s an easy sport to get going

    Most paddleboards are very light and so if you’re on your own you can easily grab a board and a paddle and head out at your own pace. No faffing around with extra equipment!

    You can enjoy the sunshine

    When the sun is shining this is a wonderful sport to enjoy in the sunshine. Being above the water you’ll get a good dose of vitamin D!

    It’s low impact

    We all want to try and stay healthy but we know a lot of sports can have a real impact on our bodies. Well, not paddleboarding! This is such a low impact sport whilst still being good for you!

    Great for groups

    As well as being an easy sport to get out on your own taking part in group sessions is fantastic as you will have time for a natter while out on your board.

    It’s amazing fun!

    Paddleboarding is one of our favourites for so many reasons – did you know you can even do paddleboard yoga??

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